Chi Machine FAQ

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What is a chi health device and what does it do?

Traditional chi health devices are passive aerobic exercisers created by doctors to stimulate the sympathetic and lymphatic systems within the body. They gently rock your body back and forth, creating an almost-hypnotic relaxation. They are powered by small 20- or 40-watt motors.

Chi health devices increase your energy, help you lose weight and relax you. You will feel younger, healthier and happier. Although the effects are a benefit to anyone who would like to feel younger, people who suffer from diabetes, poor circulation, fibromyalgia, cancer and chronic pain can realize extra benefits from using these machines daily.

What's the difference between the Sun Ancon/Sun Harmony machines and your chi health devices?

Our machines are a lot like the Sun Ancon/Sun Harmony models. However, we feature a larger motor and softer ankle rests. We have an adjustable speed dial while the other units do not. We offer a better machine at a fraction of the cost, since we do not sell within a pyramid-marketing scheme.

What is infrared heat?

It is a warm soothing heat that helps feet relax by warming the muscles and ligaments. It is especially helpful for feet that have been under hours of strain.



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