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Chi Vitalizer

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  • Product Description

    Benefits of the Chi Vitalizer Machine

    • Relax your spine and nervous system, to improve overall health and physiological function
    • Increase your metabolism using the Chi Health Device for 5 minutes affects blood and lymph flow to the same extent as a 30-minute walk
    • Maximize your athletic performance
    • Strengthens your immune system
    • Massage your muscles
    • Release toxins that have accumulated in your system throughout the day

    Stimulate the sympathetic nervous system, spinal column and vertebrae to relieve back pain, muscle pain and neuralgia Oxygenate your cells, to promote cell repair, rejuvenation and increased energy levels Increase and normalize your circulation by promoting relaxation and stimulating blood flow, which increases the body's ability to fight off infection, repair damaged cells and improve metabolic efficiency.

    The Chi Vitalizer USJ106 chi machine, also known as the Chi Energizer, a heavy-duty, professional-quality chi exercise machine, features 40 watts of power and is still priced so that you can experience its benefits in the comfort of your own home!

    This chi miracle machine has the benefit of a variable-speed control, so you can set it at the same speed as the Sun Harmony unit or any other speed that feels comfortable to you. Once again, there is no clinical data that says there is only one correct speed.

    Start by using your chi exercise machine for a short period of time and at a slow speed. Then monitor your results and increase the time and speed at your own pace. The footrest has cushioned padding for your ankles, alleviating the stress and rubbing that can be a problem with other chi exercise machines.

    The movement also has a slight arc at the ends, increasing the range of motion your body experiences. This engages more of your leg muscles, so you get a more-complete exerciser.

    Features of the Chi Vitalizer Machine

    Heavy-duty commercial quality 40-watt motor Variable speed control (90-150 RPM) Sturdy 20 lb machine with large stable base Thick padded ankle cradle 15-minute timer Detailed instruction booklet Convenient carrying handle

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    1. Too strong at first but keep going

      I've used the chi machine for 7 days. After 3 days I moved from 5 minutes to 15 but I feel achy in my entire spine from the base of my skull to my tailbone, shoulders and elbows so I'll drop back to 5 minutes. Way too soon to jump up on the time. But it felt so good. on 25th May 2015

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    What Is A Chi Machine: A Machine that moves Chi

  • Warranty Information

    2 year manufacturer's warranty

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